Rotary International Convention - Sydney 2014

Rotary Convention 2014 runs from Thursday 29th May, 2014 - Wednesday 4th June (conference proper starts on 1st June)

A highlight of the events on offer include:

Thursday 29 May Registration / International RYLA / Youth Exchange Officers / Rotaract Registration / Welcome
Friday 30 May Youth Exchange Officers / Rotaract Preconvention Meeting
Saturday 31 May Orientation for First-Time Convention Attendees / Australian Rules Football Match / Youth Exchange / Rotaract Preconvention Meeting / Restaurant Night
Sunday 1 June Down Under Breakfast / Opening Plenary Session (AM or PM) / Opening Day BBQ / District 9800 & 9675 Dinner
Monday 2 June Plenary Session 2 / Presidents Lunch / Breakout Sessions / Concert at the Sydney Opera House
Tuesday 3 June Plenary Session 3 / President-elects' Lunch / Breakout Sessions
Wednesday 4 June Plenary Session 4 / On to São Paulo Convention Lunch / Breakout Sessions / Closing Plenary Session
Thursday 5 June Farewell Dinner for Bob Aitken - Rotary Down Under

Download the full list of events

What you need to do now:

  • Book for the conference:

    visit where you can read more about the scheduled events and click through to the registration page via  As part of your booking, you can optionally pay for the optional luncheons.

    • Presidents Leadership Luncheon
    • President-Elects Leadership Luncheon
    • On to Sao Paulo Leadership Luncheon

    These functions are intended for the leadership teams for 2013-14, 2014-15, although any conference attendee is able to attend.

  • Stay tuned for news and details on the Rotary2014 website, Rotary Down Under Magazine for further functions.  Details of events that the club are planning to attend together will also be discussed in club meetings and may include:

    • Restaurant Night on Saturday 31st May
    • Down Under Breakfast on Sunday 1st June (before the convention proper starts)
  • Arrange Flights and Accommodation:

  • Encourage all our members to attend!

  • Download a copy of the Host Organising Committee, newsletter Corroboree for all the latest news from the HOC.

    Corroboree-Edition-2-1-COVERSyd Hoc Newsletter:Layout 1Syd-Hoc-Newsletter-e-1-300-WEB

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