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World of Difference

“World Of Difference” powerfully portrays the work of Rotary in developing countries through organised humanitarian tours to visit villages and schools where Rotary has implemented community-building projects to aid these communities.

WOD is a Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) registered project of Rotary District 9800.

Michael Short from The Zone in "The Age" interviewed the WOD team for 4 hours last week. We hoped an article it would be run, but there was no promise.  Michael Short said that he had a dossier of possible stories to draw on, and that we would have to present something that really interested him.  I think it’s a wonderful tribute to Rithy’s honesty and the work we are doing though Rotary District 9800 project "World of Difference" that Michael has decided to run the article so soon.
Michael has sent this to me…“alert as many people as you can and ask them to participate in the chat session. The audience  simply have to find the piece online and then register and follow the prompts to post. I will be moderating at this end.” We will also be in the chat room, answering questions and fielding comments.
We hope you will log in this Tuesday 30th 12 Noon Melbourne time into the chat room.   The link to the chat room will be

Thanks very much for your support.

World of Difference

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