Being an Immigrant in Australia

Guest Speaker - Bashar Baghdadi

10th April, 2018 - Belgian Beer Cafe

Born and raised in Jordan, having mixed origin parents (Lebanese father, Circassian mother), Bazz’ multiculturalism continued when he went to a Christian school (being a Muslim himself). Learning the true proper fundamentals of both religions, he started living the motto of "Service above self" before he knew Rotary existed by doing voluntary work from the age of sixteen.

Then life gave him the opportunity to help others when he started working in development projects funded by USAID (United States Agency for International Development) for almost eight years and continued when his last deployment was in Syria as a logistics manager at a refugee camp. Since he arrived to Australia 4 years ago he has been involved in many immigrant and refugee focused projects, and his journey continues. "

Bashar is a member of the Rotary Club of Adelaide and updated the club on his journey of life in the middle east supporting refugees and how that experience has helped him greatly in understanding different perspectives.

In Australia, he new looks forward to becoming an Australian Citizen and contributes to a large number of organisations and boards.

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