Southbank Sunday Streets

12th November, 2017

12pm - 5.45pm.

Boyd Community Hub will be hosting a Sunday Streets Community Day on Sunday 12th November. Part of Kavanagh Street will be blocked off to create an opportunity for residents to mix and connect with others with a variety of games and creative activities for children, great coffee and lots of information from community groups.

Rotary Club of Southbank will be running a BBQ championed by Past President Wendy Bennett. Anyone wishing to volunteer to assist with the BBQ, should contact Wendy.

The event will be one of three events this Summer run by the City of Melbourne in Southbank, Docklands & Carlton and is part of the engagement strategy to build social capital among the residents of the City and is based on a model started over 30 years which originally started in Colombia,  and has spread to hundreds of cities throughout the world including Tokyo, New York, Kiev and San Francisco.

For further details about the events:

Visit City of Melbourne Sunday Streets Website or check out the forthcoming November edition of Southbank Local News which will have all the details.

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